Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My wanker

Coach Sparano is my wanker this week. Although there were many things
that bugged me, my biggest "concern" was at the end of the half.
Miami was down 27-0 and driving. You have a 1st down inside the 20,
and the drive bogs down. It gets to 4th down and you make a decision
to kick a field goal??!!!

I say in this situation you go for broke. Its 7 or its nothing. He
went for the 3 and got it.

I also need to remind everyone that when you're down by 10 and there's
little time left, you *need* to get the TD first, so you set yourself
up for a potential game tying FG....once again Miami didn't do that.

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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

I've heard quite a few commentators who say when down by 10 you get the easy score first (FG if you hit 4th down). Granted, you want the 7 as you have less yards to get the second possession. But if you get a quick FG, you save time.

I disagree on the end of half FG. I think you take the points.