Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leg whip?

I went back and looked at the tripping call on Polite (on the long TD
to Ginn). When I saw it live, I was dubious. The evidence via the
broadcast doesn't help particularly, but I can kinda sorta see it,
though I don't think it was correct.

In the first image, Polite goes low for a block
In the second, you can see his momentum carried him into a roll, and
the defensive guy leaps over him
In the third, you kind of get the feeling that Polite lifted his leg
while rolling, either (a) because his momentum while falling carried
him over and his leg went up for balance, or (b) he was trying to slow
the defensive guy down.

In any case, that is not tripping. "Definition: Using a leg or foot to
trip another player is illegal." He didn't *trip* him, he blocked him
with his leg. The player didn't kind of fall over, but that's because
he was trying to dive over Polite.

The reality is that this is not the only play the ref messed up on.
He also blew the replay on the fumble recovery by Miami earlier in the
quarter. It was ruled incomplete, but it seemed clear the guy made a
catch and fumbled, and Miami recovered. Ref dude went under the hood
and then came back and told Sparano it wasn't reviewable. Hunh? Can
someone 'splain that to me?

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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

He blocked him with his leg? Sounds like tripping to me. You cannot expect referees to have to make a snap decision on whether it is a block with a leg or a trip. If you use the leg, it's a trip.

They definitely messed upon on the catch and fumble. No excuse for that.


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