Thursday, December 03, 2009

JT and the cheatriots

JT turned down an offer to play for the Pats *this* season (did we know that? [yes -ed]), and came back "home" to the Dolphins.
Then, on a conference call with the New England media spoke about that, saying all the PC things about how it came down him coming home to his family and he's happy.  But then he added - to paraphrase - my contract is up at the end of this year, and you never know what might happen next year, I don't burn bridges.
So, you might go there and play next year?  Yikes.  You're a legend here, and your legacy is in Miami.  You still have a lot of the skills/tools that you had, but clearly you're not the dominating player you once were.  Going to *that* team would tarnish all that you had done, and move you from a Dolphin for life* to a Dolphin for a while.
* except for the year he played in DC
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