Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Adventures in officiating

Not that this won or lost the game for Miami, but the officials in this game had a couple of moments.  The two I'd like to point out are (1) the push off by TO on his TD catch - which Vontae complained about after saying "I can't against the receivers and the refs" or something like that.  It seemed obvious to me then, and now...
And (2) is the foreram by JT on the QB on a supposed roughing the passer.  It appeared to me that JT never actually made contact, and his arm went up to try and *not* hit Fitzpatrick.  Fitzpatrick's head did move back, but I think it was out of instinct to protect himself from a possible hit.
Hey, like I said, it didn't win or lose the game, but it just struck me that Miami doesn't get many breaks...

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