Monday, November 23, 2009

web weekend (part 3)

In the locker room, we saw all the coaches polos hanging up.  I was particularly amused by Jeff Ireland's locker which only had a pair of binoculars hanging in it.  Those guys think of everything.  He doesn't even have to remember to bring his to the game.
As I noted on the podcast, I tried on Chad Henne's helmet [editor's legal note: he didn't, really] and it was indeed too small.
Igor was taking lots of pictures.  So if you stop by his site ( and see lots of pics, this is why.
Later, in the press box, Doug E Fresh tells us what he thinks of Ted Ginn, jr.

Quick now: is the picture of the coffee cans in a dorm room or the club level?
The signage is different here.  I'm not quite sure what to make of this sign.  Concourse?  Pardon our appearance?  Would you have any Grey Poupon?
In the Gallery of Legends, they have Dan Marino's locker *just as he left it* .... I noticed down in the bottom there's a dollar bill.  Hmmmm.  Does this mean he was the predecessor to Chad OchoCinco in attemtpting to bribe the refs?
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