Monday, November 23, 2009

web weekend (part 2)

Later, we went up into the (puf, puff) Ocean Drive Club.  I think I mentioned previously that this used to be the Marlins batting cage (and also made a joke about J Lo and dodging foul tips). 
Its nice and all that, but it looks something like a batting cage that's been turned into a club.  There are astroturf covered tables, and the obligatory white couches, VIP rooms, a buffet, and lots of TVs.  This is where the hoity toity come to get away from us common folk.
As we were leaving, I noticed there were two large cases that seemed about the right size for the SuperBowl trophies.  But the trophies were missing.  Where did they go?  Later, when we went into the Hall of Legends there was also space for the trophies - but they weren't there, either.  At one point, Shed Dawg Mike had on a large trenchcoat, which seemed odd for the weather we were having - but he does like adding to the shed collection of memoribilia.  I didn't think much of it at the time, but hmmmmm....
As we continued the tour, I couldn't help but notice that the World Series trophies which are normally in the Marlins part of the stadium were also missing.  But at least they left a note when they went out for a walk.
I sensed a conspiracy. 
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