Monday, November 23, 2009

Web Weekend (part 1)

Last Saturday, we started web weekend.  Always a blast.
We had a chance to walk the Orange Carpet.  You know, the one that Dan Marino said he wouldn't walk because "that's stupid."  Well, now that I've walked it, its not so stupid.  Dan woulda said "oh Dave walked it?  I'm in!"
As you can see, throngs of people turned out to see us as we walked.
And they clearly brought out housekeeping.  (yes, that's a cobweb at the entrance)
But....the orange carpet was not on the ground.  Where was it?

Dave (Finatics) was able to track down the carpet.  Here, he stakes his claim.  Captain Morgan like.
They had an "auxiliary carpet" off to the side.  Not sure what that was about.  Maybe so celebrities' feet don't have to touch bare concrete in the 4 feet between the end of the carpet and the doorway?
There was also an orange closet (it was more aqua, but who's counting?) that had other goods, suitable for orange carpet walking.
Of course, what's an orange carpet without orange velvet ropes?  So here they are.  They didn't set them up for us (darn!)
And finally, after the walk on the orange carpet, we got a chance to walk on orange linoleum!  What more could anyone ask for?  I think they should have made the carpet astroturf; then this would have been a complete experience.  In 1970s decor.

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