Sunday, November 01, 2009

Very odd, indeed

A few games ago, Miami dominated in every statistical category, but lost the game to the Colts.
This week, they had 104 yards of TOTAL offense (yes, I said 104 yards; 52 rushing and 52 passing, that's pathetic) and lost the time of possession battle by nearly 10 minutes.  And the offense only mustered 9 points.
And yet, somehow, some way, the football gods smiled on the Dolphins on this day.  Two long kick returns from some guy named Ginn who decided to turn it on, and a fumble recovery/score by a guy who used to make a living at that named JT.
That added up to 21 additional points - enough to beat those Jets for the second time this season.
A strange day, to be sure, but a win's a win in the NFL and you take it where you can...
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