Sunday, November 29, 2009

Too bad for anyone who watched

I blew off todays game to go to the herald hunt. Looks like I made the right choice! Now I have to decide whether to sit through it on TiVo.

And next week I has made plans for the afternoon so I will miss that game as well. TiVo may be used. I can't say.

Does that make me a bad fan?


  1. The Wanker5:25 PM

    Wath the game's first Dolphin drive, then fast forward to the last 3 minutes. I think that will give you enough to assss the game and generate a Wanker of the Week nomination or two!

  2. The Wanker5:28 PM

    Of course, you could "watch" the game, then "assess" it .... clearly the Bills defence intercepted two of my words as well as three of Chad's throws!