Monday, November 02, 2009

Ted Ginn

I'll give him props for making a record-setting two TDs of 100+ yards in the same quarter.  And I'll ask why the Phins even bother to use him as a wide receiver?  He had 6 touches of the ball and nearly 300 yards.  That beats two catches any day.  I say leave him as the kick returner and just give him a play now and again on offense to stretch the field.
Anyway, Richie Winnebago (okay Bonemago, but I like this name better) had been setting up the long return all day by having Ginn hesitate and fake left before running right.  And the Jets were being overly agressive by having Jay Feeley come down and collapse in for the tackle.  I think Westhoff assumed that Ginn was no threat as long as they pressured him.

So, in the first shot, Feeley has the arrow pointed to him.  He made two tackles and was a dancing fool.
In the second, we see the mistake.  Normally the kicker stays closer to midfield, which will allow for him to be the last man when the returner gets free.  Ginn did, and that left no one back to help.
Westhoff says "Aw that's bull crap" and you have to love the expression after the second return.  Normally, he has the upper hand.  But not on this day...
Now we have it from a good source that Bob Griese told Ted Ginn they have really good tacos in Giants Stadium, available in section 114.  And if Ginn were to get a TD on that end, Griese was buying.  "Now go get a taco!" he shouted to him....
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

I agree completely. Leave him as the kickoff returner. Put him in on 3rd and long to stretch the field for WR's who can catch the ball. The occasional first down curl. And unlike some people, DO NOT make him the punt returner. Straight line speed is great for kickoff returns, but Ginn doesn't have the vision and quick cutting required for punts.