Monday, November 02, 2009


For the second week in a row, Miami got jobbed on a play down near the goal line.
In this case, it was Braylon Edwards who caught the ball at his hip and tried to push into the endzone.  The Umpire is right there.  Again it was called TD.  And again, I claim they were wrong.  This time it was up to Sparano to challenge it; he didn't and I suspect he wouldn't have won anyway.
* Shot 1: Edwards makes the catch
* Shot 2: He's driving to the goal line with Clemons and Smith on him
* Shot 3: He leans further back, still not in
* Shot 4: Smith has jarred the ball loose.  Edwards no longer has possession; he's also not across the goal line
* Shot 5: the ball is between them, but because of the loss of possession a moment earlier it can not be a TD at this moment
* Shot 6: Smith has the ball.  And note the umpire has still not signaled TD.
It should have been a touchback, on the forced fumble (though I suppose they could have ruled it an interception, since Edwards hadn't really made a move at that point).
I think they were having trouble following the ball because on the "naked bootleg" that Sanchez ran, they ruled fumble and that Miami had recovered.  But clearly, that was not correct either.  When they saw Sanchez with the ball, they changed the call....
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I noticed that too! Nice work. -F