Monday, November 16, 2009

Strange play - part 1

With about 1:39 left to play in the first half, Tampa backed up its own goal line, Freeman drops back to pass.  JT is circled and drops into coverage.
Crowder and the safety all are converging with the receiver on one spot on the field.
The pass is "caught" and then the receiver drops it/has it knocked away as he's falling.
JT scoops up the ball, and runs for an apparent TD.
The officials confer for a moment, then the ref announces its incomplete.
A little time passes.  Tampa does not snap the ball.  A little more time passes.  Still, Tampa does not snap the ball.
Since we're inside two minutes, there is no coaches' challenge available.  But the booth calls for a review.  Had Tampa simply run a play, there would never have been an opportunity for review.
But presumably, they were as stunned as we fans were and didn't call a play right away.
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