Monday, November 09, 2009

The Patriots rules

There was a play in the first quarter where Paul Soliai was laying on the ground after a play.  I ran it back and watched it a couple of times.  It was clear that he was taken out by a clip.  The lineman engaged with him at the line, then the play moved past them.  Soliai moved to chase, and the lineman - who had released him - followed, then laid his body out while partially behind (and mostly beside) Soliai.

Naturally there was no flag.
But then (uh oh here comes the soap box) that''s where I'm generally peeeved about this effusive praise for the Patriots.  CBS has some sort of promotional arrangement, and has the CBS Zone outside of the stadium.  And therefore they *are* biased toward the Pats no matter what.  The NFL loves them as the darlings because they have the pretty boy QB, the homeless man (and cheater) as the head coach, and they score points - and sell tickets.
But back to CBS, Dierdorf and Gumbell were going on about how good it is to have Brady back because he's good for the game, and yada, yada, yada.  They jabbered on and on so much, I wound up turning down the sound.  I would have switched over to the radio broadcast, but because there's a 4 second delay on TV, but a 7 second delay on radio, you hear the outcome before you see it.  And that's not conducive to listening to a game while watching it. 
It was dreadful, I guess unless you're a Pats fan (but then why would you be?).
I gotta tell you, though, that while they get all the breaks right now, and they still have Brady, Moss, and Welker, they aren't *that* good.  They're nowhere close to where they were.  Yes, I suppose there are some sour grapes in there, but they are lacking in some areas.  Sure, they made up for shortcomings through decent coaching (they used two young guys to block Porter; they moved Vince Wilfork over so he couldn't be taken up by the center and guard), but they still have shortcomings.
But the football gods don't like smug.  And the Patriots are still that, and not at all humble.  I know its hard when you're good to be humble.  I said a few weeks ago they ran up the score against the hapless Titans.  This week, in stadium they showed Joey Porter on the sidelines near the end of the game and put a graphic under it that said "no tackles, no sacks" which shows a distinct lack of class. 
Yeah, he was bad, but he was beaten.  Humiliating your opponent will come back to bite you at some point.
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