Monday, November 09, 2009

Option play

I'd like to share with you the Wishbone offense.   So, the first picture would depict the offense.  You have the QB generally under center (like my drawing of the guy there?) - three backs line up in a triangle (or a "wishbone" if you will).
The object is to confound the defense with a guy running into the line, and having three guys run to the side; the QB will either run it himself or pitch it to one of the other guys, another blocks.  Its a wild formation that works against smaller, slower defenses.  In the NFL it doesn't really work, and you haven't seen it in years.
For pat White, he ran something similar.  He stood in the shotgun, and he ran right, pitching the ball to Ricky.  It was about as close to the wishbone as I've seen in 20 years.  It was a great playcall that worked in that situation.
Kudos to Henning for calling. the wildcat play that had the pitch back to Henne was not so good.  I'm fairly ceraitn that Henne had been off the field for every previous wildcat play.  He was on the field here, and my first thought was "its going to be a pitch back to Henne and a pass."  Apparently the Pats thought the same thing; and it was.  It was stopped for a loss.
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