Friday, November 20, 2009

Nice win

Miami had a really solid game against the Panthers.   I thought they controlled the pace of the game effectively, and were able to get just enough pressure on Delhomme to keep him out of rhythm.  Sure, they allowed some yards rushing and for Steve Smith to have a couple of catches, but they stopped Carolina when it counted.
J-Peezey stepped up after being benched last week.  Ricky was nothing short of outstanding.  Chad Henne was calm, poised, and looked sharp.  The team found a way to use Ted Ginn on short routes, out patterns and the like with a design to simply make the catch, get on the ground and move the sticks. 
And the offensive line.  Wow.  Given that there were multiple injuries on the night, and all 7 linemen played, they did a great job.  In particular, Nate Garner was my MVP for this game.  He played 3 positions on the night, and played them all reasonably well.  Can't ask for much more than that.  And to be fair, that's not taking anything away from any of the other 6, because they all played well.
A very satisfying way to go into a 10-day break.
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