Sunday, November 01, 2009


Miami scored late on a pass to Joey Haynos that made the score 30-19.  Sparano elected to go for 2.  Wait.  Hunh?
2?  Really?
At the point they scored there was around 8 minutes left.  Its an 11 point lead.  
Going for 1 means you're ahead by 12; the Jets would have to score 2 TDs to win, even with a two point conversion. 
Going for 2 means you're ahead by 13; the Jets would have to score 2 TDs to win
...but the downside in either case is that you miss and remain ahead by 11 meaning that a TD and 2 point conversion plus a field goal ties the game.
I don't see the logic in going for 2 here.  So I have to assume that Sparano got mixed up in all this "high math"....or...
Maybe Carpenter had to hit the lou, and couldn't kick?  Or maybe a bookie friend called to remind the Fins of the point spread?  I have no idea.  
It was just weird. 
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