Sunday, November 15, 2009

good stuff

Last night, we had a chance to hear the coach, Jeff Ireland, Mike Dee, Patrick Cobbs, and Keith Byars.  They were all really good. 
We asked Sparano about Ginn, and he was somewhat candid.  We asked about Porter being made inactive as a "coaches decision" and he told us it was just that and moved on. 
Cobbs talked about playing for Saban, Cameron, and now Sparano, and their various styles.  I think its safe to say that he wasn't much of a Cameron fan.
Byars was interesting because he played for Shula and JJ.  He wouldn't talk about JJ, leaving it at something like "some people like him and some people don't" and it was clear he harbored some animosity toward him.  So, I did a small amount of research and found this from 1996: Byars, after being released, compared Johnson to a dictator and expressed skepticism about the coach's chances of winning a Super Bowl in Miami. ''His program and his system, if you look at his track record, it's firecrackers instead of bombs,'' Byars said. ''It's short bursts. He doesn't have any longevity in any program. Because of the way he is, he doesn't have the endurance to go the long haul. He's good in small doses.''
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