Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A friend of mine - Tony - told me that he has it from a reliable source that the guy who was running the scoreboard on Sunday at Foxborough was none other than the snowplow driver who cleared the field in 1982!
Snow plow game.jpg
Great research, and that explains it all!
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

That's why the officials keep the time on the field in Soccer.

Also, you should check out http://footballoutsiders.com/stats/teameff for team efficiency rankings. The Phins dropped from 11th after week 8 to 12th. The only sub .500 team in the top half of the rankings.

I was listening to a guy from F.O. on the B.S. Report on ESPN.com. Both the F.O. guy (Aaron Schatz) and Bill Simmons (a N.E. fan) agreed that Miami is by far the best team with a sub .500 record.

F.O. also estimates that the Phins will win 5.3 more games this season. They estimated that our first nine games was the toughest schedule so far this season and our remaining schedule is 20th.