Monday, November 09, 2009

Another oddity

Miami got jobbed again this week by the refs.  Though this time, it didn't lead to a TD.  But it did lead to a FG, and it was at the end of the half.
Brady had been sacked on the previous play; no timeouts left and about 13 seconds on the clock.  He gets the team rallied and back up to the line.
At :05, the snap is forthcoming
At :04, he gets the ball and drops back
At :03, he's releasing the ball
At :02, the ball has reached Moss
At :01 (the legitmate one, not shown) the ball is in the air
At :00, the ball has come to the ground, and the official is signaling incomplete.
But the clock still shows :01.  In other words, the Pats got a free play to get the field goal.
Now you could argue that the ruling was correct, and I'll grant you its up for debate. 
What I'm seeing here are plays that happened over the last few weeks, where essentially the refs made poor judgement calls that ultimately changed the game in some way.
That's not a statement intended to bash the refs.  Rather, its a statement that underscores that sometimes you have the football gods on your side, and sometimes you don't.  Miami right now does NOT...
...Imagine if those calls had been different.  Miami might be 5-3.
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