Saturday, October 03, 2009


The sports yakkers and several other local writers think that Ted Ginn *should* start this weekend, because with Henne they can actually explore how to get him open down the field and use his speed - something that they weren't able to do with Pennington's "weaker" arm.
And Sparano has not committed to anything at this point, but his recent comments suggest he's going to do just that.
First off, allow me to remind you that Pennington's arm wasn't good for throwing longer passes - say over 20-25 yards.  But he was good at throwing short to intermediate routes, and tried on many occasions to do just that to Ginn, but he didn't come up with the catch.
Henne can indeed throw it longer by around 10-15 yards, but that doesn't mean that Ginn will have any advantage.  Sure, he might get further up the field, but that doesn't necessarily give him a chance to catch it.  Plus, because Henne is new, it seems unlikely they'll have him let it fly down the field.
We'll see, but I think the better option is to bench him.
BTW - this is not all Ginn's fault.  I'm not pinning 0-3 on him.  But, in looking for options, this is certainly one thing they could do to improve the team.
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