Monday, October 12, 2009

Why is that?


6 teams sit with perfect records, and 4 have imperfect records.  Why?  I decided to take a look at contributing factors.  Clearly most at the top have good QBing, but there are other fators as well.

The ones at the bottom?  Well, they're just bad all the way around, except for KC which has suffered from a lot of bad luck,
QB Run Game Defense Special Teams Coaching Comments
Saints Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good Good The Saints rally behind Brees and believe in themselves
Giants Very Good Excellent Very Good Good Very Good One Manning is having a lot of success on a team that works hard and knows it can win
Colts Excellent Good Good Good Good The other Manning is the best QB in the game.  Period.  Everything else falls behind that fact
Broncos Good Good Good Good Good A lot of luck has led the way, but getting rid of Cutler was a stroke of genius, and now Brandon Marshall is a "convert" to the philosphy
Vikings Very Good Excellent Very Good Good Good A healthy Brett Favre is a great thing for a few games.  The run game is what powers this team.  And the defense doesn't hurt
Jets Good Very Good Very Good Good Good Ryan's defense is the catalyst, but I still have my doubts about the consistency of Sanchez
Bucs Bad Average Average Bad Average There's a lack of talent on the team, a new coach, and a new QB
Titans Mediocre Very Good Good Bad Average Coaching may be part of the issue here: why stick with Collins through 0-5?  But special teams certainly is a critical factor.
Rams Bad Good Bad Average Average They also lack talent, and a new coach
Chiefs Mediocre Good Average Poor Poor Cassel made the most of his time in New England and benefitted from the schemes and support players.  That's not quite enough in KC
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