Thursday, October 29, 2009


Larry Johnson called his coach a name via his twitter account, and again to reporters.  The issue took on a life of its own because he used what some think is a slur.  Is this really what society has become?  You use a word and you're decried as a bigot?
He got suspended by the Chiefs for two weeks, and we can only HOPE that its because he called out his coach and was disrespectful in that regard, and not because of the word he used.
What is even stupider is that the major media outlets won't repeat the word in print or verbally out of fear they'll offend someone.
So just what is this hideous word?  Fag.
For the record, in British slang a "fag" is a cigarette.  It can also mean to tire by strenuous activity : exhaust <fagged by the strenuous climb>, toil, to act as a servant to an older schoolboy, and that other definition.
Lets suppose for a minute - in the context that LJ wrote his post (that Todd Haley had never played football and didn't know as much as his father) - he actually was using the definition that he was acting as a servant to the father and hadn't mastered the game yet.
Would that make you feel differently about it?
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