Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pass interference?

In the 4th quarter, there was a deep pass to Braylon Edwards.  He dove for the ball but wasn't able to come down with it across the goal line. 
Then, a flag comes out.  Pass interference on Will Allen.  I checked the defintion of interference:
  • Pass interference is the act of physically keeping an eligible receiver from having a fair chance to catch a thrown football. This can involve grabbing, holding, pushing or intentionally tripping the opposing player--basically, any act which impedes a player's attempt to gain possession of the ball.
  • For contact to be considered pass interference, it must meet certain criteria. First, it must be intentional, not accidental. Also, it must occur after the ball has been thrown but before any other player on the field has tipped or touched it.
    And then watched the play a couple of more times.  The screen shot shows the extent of the contact between Allen and Edwards; they both have their arms out and they each did what amounts to a "hand check" on each other.
    Edwards had both hands on the ball as he came down.  He certainly had a "fair chance" to make the catch.  And it did not appear that Allen made much contact.  So, the call was garbage.

    The interference call was 49 yards and gave the Jets a first down on the 1; after they got out of a 3rd and long near midfield.
    I think the rule needs to be tweaked.  Maybe something like its always a 15 yard penalty, unless there is clear evidence that the defensive back impeded the reception - like holding the arms or knocking the guy down.  You have to eliminate these types of calls....
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    Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

    I don't agree with the 15 yard penalty idea. It would kill the vertical game because if a WR started to streak, CBs would just foul to prevent the long completion.

    I think that this is where a tweaking of the replay rules is required. It needs to be a reviewable call, AND we need to go to a more college like system where the challenges come from a replay official. The issue here was because the referee who called the penalty was not in a good position to make that call. The ref was in the correct position based upon where he was supposed to be, but the cameras are everywhere and can see angles that refs cannot.

    Anonymous DeleteReply

    I saw that as well and it definitely was not pass interference :D