Monday, October 26, 2009

Of course, there's more to the story

Miami got the ball to start the second half.  But the football gods chortled at their attempts to win this game.  Again,  sequence of events, and a ref's non-call got in the way.
(1) Henne throws deep to Ginn.  Ginn actually has it in his hands and looks like he might make the catch. 
(2) Except that he's hit and the ball pops out.
(3) It bounces into the air and Sharper grabs it.  Funny how both defenders are still in play but Ginn is on his butt on the sideline, isn't it?
(4) We get down to the goal line, and the ball appears to pop out (its in front of the ref)
(5) Now we see why - Ginn has made his way back and is making an effort to strip the ball
(6) As you can see, he does
(7) From another angle, we can see the ball is out at what appears to be the 1 - Fasano's foot is on the goal line
The refs did review it and the replay "confirmed" it was TD.

Except, as you now know, it was not.  The ball came free and went through the endzone.
It should have been a touchback and Miami's ball at the 20.  Think that would have shifted momentum back to Miami?  Instead its 24-17 Miami, and the momentum is all on the Saints. 
We're less than a minute into the second half.  And there were two Saints scores in a three minute span that defined the game.
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