Saturday, October 17, 2009

New owner

Fergie has been rumored to be the next minority owner of the fins. We
wouldn't mind seeing more of her around town!

And we think the idea of minority ownership is a good thing. In the
past the fins have hired celebrities to do promotions for the team,
including scoreboard messages like "I'm your biggest fan". Only to
have that same celebrity turn up in another city selling the same
wares there. They've hired motivational speakers to talk with the
team. Only to learn later that the speaker had an engagement with
their next opponent.

Being an owner prevents that. You are now exclusive to the dolphins.

But other than being a fan and bringing some hype, they really don't
have any impact on the organization.

And that's why I thought the rush thing was dumb. I personally think
he's an arse but he was going to be a minority owner. Would he have
had any impact on the team?

Except of course the team would always have a source for banned
substances and no doubt that they would always rush to the right side.

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