Saturday, October 03, 2009


I'm sometimes a glutton for punishment:  I went back and watched a few select plays from last week's game.
And I was surprised when I noticed that on the 1st quarter fumble (the one that resulted in the touchback), there was a little more happening than I originally thought.  Chad was under center.  Ronnie was behind to the left, Ricky behind to the right, in a split-back formation.  
At the snap, the line blocked down and left, and as we know Chad tried to get the ball into Ronnie as he headed to the left.  But.  At the snap, Ricky ran right, and just after the handoff, Chad immediately flipped his hand to the right as though pitching to Ricky.
Now it wasn't perfectly executed.  The line missed some assignments, the handoff (as we know) was bad, and Ricky stopped mid-step and didn't "sell it."  The defense didn't even react to Ricky...
And what I realized was that the play call itself was good, and Dan Henning was probably setting up for something later (that didn't happen because of the fumble, Chad's injury, or a host of other reasons).  I give him props for the concept, and if Ronnie had been stuffed on that down, who knows?  They may have run the flip to Ricky on the next play.
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