Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How frustrating

You may recall the ubiquitous quote "Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin....Ted Ginn is going to be a guy you're going to enjoy watching for a long time..." has a deeper meaning.  Maybe Cameron and Mueller wrote a contract that includes additional incentives if the guy is benched, and has a no trade/no cut clause and is self-renewing.
How else can one explain what is happening with Ginn?  Mueller and Cameron went to H Wayne in 2007 and laid out a plan - they would pick Ginn with the 9th overall pick, and get the "QB of the future" in the second round.  Apparently, they were targeting either Trent Edwards or John Beck, and wound up taking Beck.
Ginn had suffered a leg injury in his bowl game that year, and was still hobbled by it at draft time.  But, more than that, Ginn had speed and a lot of question marks.  Here's a few draft site comments about him from '07:
* Ted Ginn Jr. has one quality NFL scouts can not get enough of and what NFL Franchises love to build around: Speed. Ginn Jr. is the fastest WR in the 2007 NFL Draft, and is a legit home run threat for any NFL team to utilize. I think in the NFL Ginn Jr. will come to realize quickly that he is not going to be the most talented player in every game, and that will make him strive to succeed, work hard, and improve his game to the point that he is viewed as a fine complete NFL wide receiver.
* Has decent hands and catches most of what comes his way. Played in a conservative offense which really held back his production statwise. A great punt/kick returner
* He is a threat to any team. If he's not double teamed, he will make the big play in any condition.
* Ginn Jr. has many elements of his game that still need work to fulfill his promise. He must become a more reliable receiver, and his hands must improve. He must also become more polished on his route running, he won't be able to rely on his pure speed in the National Football League. He also has a slight build, so he may have to consider bulking up to take the hits over the middle by battle tested NFL safeties.
* Really skinny frame is 180 lbs wet. Started off at corner so as a result is raw and still learning the WR posisiton. Relies too much on athletcisim as his route running leaves much to be desired. His speed alone will not make him successful at the WR position in the NFL he must become more polished.  
* Pretty raw as a precise route runner; not proven as an "over the middle, make the catch on 3rd and 8" receiver;
* How will he overcome his injury agianst the Gators? His jr. year didn't measure up to his sophmore year. He had more drops. Some say he's only a kick returner.
* Ted Ginn Jr. is going to need work and proper coaching to progress to the point that he can be a #1 WR in the NFL. That being said, he has one thing you can not teach, first class speed. Combine that with a good work ethic and Ginn Jr. is an excellent WR prospect whom should come off the board no later than the middle of round.
* Whereever Ginn goes he will help out immediately as a KR/PR, how he develops as a WR remains to be seen. Ginn would do best in an established offense like Arizona, Indianapolis, Cinncinati and play the slot where he will thrive. If he goes to Tennesee or San Francisco and is depended upon to be the Number 1 guy he might be a collasal bust.
* Watch out! He will be better than Reggie Bush. He is a star in the making, unless he gets hurt.
...and in all it may have been a reach for Miami.  They weren't an established offense - they were still looking for an identity and a QB.  But they still had Chris Chambers at the time, so at least Ginn was set to be the #2.  Until they traded Chambers a couple of weeks into the season.
We flash forward to this year.  Last season, there was the most stability at QB we've seen in years, and Ginn was average.  This year, he started off below average.  After injury, Henne came in and he is a real threat to throw deep.  And Ginn can't seem to hold onto anything that comes his way.  He still shies away from contact.  I've heard several former receivers comment that his route running isn't very good and he doesn't sell the routes or fakes, and his body position is bad.
And to top it all off, we're not even using him as a kick or punt returner. 
So what value does he have?  Sparano and Ireland shouldn't feel bound to him, he's not "their" guy.  He's just another player who is not performing.
This week, Sparano said Hartline will up his playing time.  But he didn't say anything about Ginn.  Will his playing time decrease?  Will he even dress for the game?

We can only hope.  I've seen enough of Ginn in 2 1/2 years to think that I don't want to see him on my favorite team any more.
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