Wednesday, October 14, 2009

great play call

Dan Henning called a great game on Monday night.  I guess 27 years of experience really paid off!  He ran variations on the base offense and the wildcat; he ran traps, had counter plays (where the fullback and running back started one way - into the blocking flow - and then cut back to run the other way), and generally got everyone involved in the creative flow of the game.
Here was one that surprised the heck out of me.  Late in the game, Miami is driving.  Henning calls a moving pocket.  Basically, the entire line moved right to create a pocket in a different place from which Henne threw.
The object was to slow down the rush that Ryan was throwing at him on 3rd and 10.
It was exceptional in design, and the execution was nearly flawless.
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

I agree completely. It was the first time we used the moving pocket which definitely slowed down the Jets rush. And by moving towards our weaker pass pro blockers, it gave the right side of our o-line less ground to cover.

Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

There was one call earlier in the game that I felt was poorly thought out from a play calling perspective.

To set the scene, first the previous play (and a great play call). Screen pass to Ricky. Smiley with a great block and then runs another 40+ yards trying to set another block.

Next play. The Dolphins call a run to the left. So after asking your left guard to run 40+ yards down field, you then call a run in his direction instead of a play that might give him a little more of a breather.