Sunday, October 04, 2009


...A win!
At the outset, I noticed that Ted Ginn was still starting, as was S Gibril Wilson.  And JT was still in the same spot.  So when Coach Sparano said he was going to shake things up and make some changes, I assume he didn't mean there.  In fact, 20 starters were back in the same spots; the exceptions were J Peasy who had a hamstring injury, and Henne.
But, as the game wore on, you saw more and more players making something other than token appearances.  Soliai got a lot of playing time, as did Erik Walden.  Cameron Wake got in the game.  They had the dbs rotating around to various schemes and positions. Ted Ginn had his decent run (more on that later), but still only came up with one catch.  So, he finally went to the bench, and we saw a lot more of Hartline.  JT kept pressing and came up with 2.5 sacks.
Henne did a decent job, given it was his first start.  I wasn't wowed, but I wasn't underwhelmed either.  He was solid.
Now Donald Thomas (more on him in the wanker section) had an up and down day, and was replaced at times by Nate Garner. 
So, I guess Sparano did in fact make some player adjustments, and did shake thing up with the playcalls on both sides.  Kudos to him.
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