Monday, October 12, 2009


Near the end of regulation, game tied at 17, Denver got the ball back at the New England 45 with 1:37 remaining.
...On 1st down, its a run for 4 yards that takes 42 seconds.  55 seconds left
...On second down, its a pass that goes backward, but eats up 33 seconds, and New England calls a timeout
...22 seconds left, 3rd and 9 and the NE 44. 
...Orton gets sacked, but things get a little confusing.  Its now 4th and 15 from midfield, and there are 15 seconds left.
...this can't be right!  Denver is sending in the punting unit with the clock running?  They punt and it takes 7 seconds to wind up giving the ball back deep, so the Pats take a knee.
The punt on 4th down was confusing since there was a sack on the previous play, and the clock should have been able to run out, or there should have been 1-2 seconds left to try a desperation pass.
I can't figure out what happened exactly.
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