Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cry me a river

Calvin Pace told the NY Times yesterday ``I can't respect that stuff, all that Wildcat.  We're in the NFL. Don't come here with that nonsense.''
Maybe its because you got smacked around to the tune of 16 plays netting 110 yards?  Or maybe because you couldn't just blitz all day to stop Miami,
I'd argue that the defense that Rex Ryan runs, where its a lot of blitzing is a "gimmick" and "that's not the NFL" either.
The NFL is all about one thing: winning.  You find ways to take advantage of the players you have, and the situations that work. 
Sour grapes are just that. 
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

Sounds like 'roid rage to me! :o

In all seriousness, if Calvin Pace, Rex Ryan and the rest of the Jets don't like that gimmicky stuff, then stop it from succeeding.

Best way to stop a team from doing something is to make sure it isn't worth doing. The Wildcat works. That is why other teams are trying it.

Put up or shut up Jets!