Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And speaking of receivers

I heard some people calling radio shows saying that they were excited because Ted Ginn finally proved his worth.
To quote Richard Dawson "Survey Says!"  "eeeeeeeeehhhh" and a giant red x appears on the screen.
One play does not a player or a season make.  Ginn did do a nice job with this catch.  He got past the defender, and the throw - though a little short - was very good.  He kept his eye on the ball and caught it.
The reality is that this was one of only two catches he had on the day.  That isn't good enough.  He needs to be making 8 or more a game and consistenly catching these types of balls, and scoring somewhere around a TD every two weeks.
I want to see consistency!
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

I could not agree more!

What I found even more worrisome was reports that Ginn was giddy about his performance after the game. Ginn is clearly a "diva receiva" in the making, and doesn't have the game to deserve that kind of attitude.

There are still reports that Ginn doesn't give it his all in practice. Ginn is clearly not a Trifecta type player. Hopefully, Ginn does better in future games, and we can trade him for some good draft picks.