Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And speaking of Braylon

He got away with one on his first TD.  His right foot never touched the ground.  He got his left one down. and his right one swiped near the ground - but I contend it didn't touch the ground. 
Then, he hopped, and his left foot went down again, but his right was up in the air.  When he brought it down, he stepped out of bounds.
Sparano chose not to challenge it, but I think he would have won that challenge.  Were the refs watching the same game I was?
The announcers commented that they thought it should be reviewed, and then they went to commercial.  They mentioned it again briefly and showed a replay.  Either Jaws or Gruden said it was a "great catch" and he brushed the ground, and they moved on.
They're wrong.  Edwards should not have been awarded the TD.
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

There was another replay during that game that was above the field. I think it might have been the camera on the wires.

When they showed that replay, I saw a very small piece of ground come up when the right toe hit the first time. So as much as I would like for that not to be a TD, I have to disagree. I agree that the right foot did not come down again in the field of play.