Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ain't that funny?

A group in LA is building a new stadium to *hopefully* lure a team to play back in the 2nd-largest TV market...
One of the principals in the deal was interviewed recently, and was asked what teams might be candidates to move.
San Diego is the front-runner because the Chargers have a window each year to get out of their Qualcomm Stadium lease without the threat of a lawsuit. They also want a new stadium and haven't been able to get one done there.

Jacksonville can't get out as easily, but the
Jaguars are in a dire situation. Even when they tarp thousands of seats, they can't sell out their games. Others who potentially could relocate down the road are Minnesota, St. Louis, Buffalo and Oakland.
The one that makes me laugh is St. Louis.  Naturally, that's because the Rams moved from LA because they couldn't get a new stadium!
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