Friday, September 18, 2009

This week

It was a quiet week from me for the most part. And that's because I had jury duty, and was in a panel to potentially be selected for a case, and we met every day to see where things shook out.

The first day the judge asked for my hobbies and I said "I enjoy the mediocre professional football team," which elicited a laugh. And she added something like "I'm glad you stuck to 'mediocre' for the record"....

And to relate it back to football, at the end, there was the final selection of the jurors. I came to realize its something akin to your fantasy draft. Both "teams" have "players" they want and "players" they want to avoid. There's a chess match to try and outfox your opponent (if I pass on Peterson, he might take him or he might take Brady). So, in my case, they took Willis Magahee and left me as an available free agent.
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