Friday, September 04, 2009


Once again, Ricky sat down - by himself - with Bill Parcells and negotiated a one-year contract extension.
He got what he wanted, and felt good about it.  And to paraphrase his mom last year when he did the same thing "that's Ricky.  He's smart and he knows what he's doing."  And as we reported last year, Ricky has negotiated contracts for himself in the past - most notably when he played minor league baseball.
And to celebrate, he decided to go out and get married.  This weekend, he's taking himself off of the eligible list, and settling down.
While I had poked fun at him in the past, I have been seeing a different person over the last few years, and I resepect what he's doing, and am somewhat sorry that I bought into "the hype" that came with him when he retired and came back.
Anyway, he has more of his life in order and has mapped out a strategy - he plans to retire at the end of next season; or at the end of his new contract.
And then move on and do....whatever it is he wants to.
Good for him.  For the second time in his career he'll go out on his own terms.  Only this time, he laid out the terms rather than appearing to quit on everyone.
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