Monday, September 07, 2009

Pre-season awards

Typically in this space, I hand out a bunch of silly-sounding awards for silly reasons.  But, with this new regime there isn't as much "nonsense" surrounding the team so its harder to come up with funny things that happened.
So we'll leave it at two:
The international man of mystery award: Matt Roth had a mysterious groin injury that kept him from practicing but didn't keep him from sporting a new baseball cap each day of training camp!
The Nick "I'm not quitting" Saban award for quitting: there were 4 guys who walked out of training camp (offensive tackle SirVincent Rogers, safety Ethan Kilmer and, fullback Matt Quillen; tight end Jared Bronson did not report).  Anyone of whom is deserved this award.  But we're going to give it to Rogers because the team really liked him and wanted him to stay.  But "his heart wasn't in it," and he returned to college.  That's the true spirit of this award.
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