Sunday, September 27, 2009

The perfect drive

Miami took possession on its own 4 to start their first drive. I said to my son "Ted Ginn is going to catch a pass for 95 yards." His reply was "but they need 96 for the score."

It was a joke, I explained, because Ginn would fall down at the one, and Miami would fail to score.

Oddly, play #1 was a fly pattern to Ginn. He was behind the defender by 5 yards. The pass was a little long, and Ginn adjusted badly. He never had a chaance.

Still, Miami drove down the field in a nice 9 minute drive that left them at 1st and goal at the one. And on that fateful second down, Pennington mishandled the ball as he tried to give it to Brown; it was recovered by Smiley, but it was too late: touchback.

And I sat there staring in amazement. I was basically right, except for Ginn actually catching the pass.
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