Sunday, September 27, 2009


Omar Kelley called out 7 things the Dolphins needed to do to win. #2 read:
It's time for the Dolphins' problem players to redeem themselves. ILB Channing Crowder must stop shooting the wrong gap. FS Gibril Wilson must stop tackling air and actually cover the middle of the field effectively. TE Anthony Fasano must convert a few third downs, and regain his status as the team's top red zone threat. WR Ted Ginn Jr. needs to show some decent run-after-catch moves for once. Every Dolphins who was a problem in the first two games needs to follow the offensive line's lead and regain their respect.

* Crowder still hadn't some trouble, though he did play better.
* Wilson still is tackling air
* Fasano was MIA today
* Ted Ginn. Is he even still on the team?
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