Sunday, September 27, 2009

I was wrong

I called for Henne to start.  Pennington got injured and he had plenty of playing time.  I suggested that it couldn't be much of a dropoff.  It was.
Henne looked mostly lost.  He underthrew.  He overthrew.  He was knocked down many times.  His pick 6 was a bad decision, made worse because he was baited by a defender.  And of course he crossed the line of scrimmage on one pass.
Sure there may be an upside to him, and at 0-3, maybe its time to find out.
But the companion problem is there is a complete lack of offensive talent on this team.  They pretty much suck, other than when they use the wildcat.....that said, maybe Pat White should be given a chance to play.  At least he's capable of running that set.  And if that's all we've got, then lets see what he's got.
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

Wrong again! Pat White is even worse! While I always felt that Pennington was the guy, you need to give Henne a chance now that he has his opportunity. He was put on the field at a time where the defense knew we were going to pass. Lets see what he can do in more normal circumstances. This season just became his litmus test for next season (just like you always wanted).