Friday, September 04, 2009

The game

Once again, the Phins kept it pretty simple against a team they face later this season. And it was game #4 after all.

But I saw some things I liked. Ted Ginn was actually involved in the offense. Chad Henne looked ready to step in. Ricky Williams stepped up large against his one-time team.

I saw some unusual offensive strategies - like the flip handoff that went counter to the line blocking, and the flip handoff when the line was pass blocking. I'm sure the Falcons are looking at those plays and the other in the preseason and shaking their heads. There's just enough motion and moving *away* from tendencies to catch everyone's attention.

...and by the way, JT looked he was ready to pickup from where left off in 07. Here he is getting his hands up in Joey Harrington's face; and he later picked up a half sack on the same play.
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