Monday, September 28, 2009

Field awareness

I was listening to Dan Marino this morning on Joe Rose's show.  He was talking about the concept of field awareness.  As a player - particularly as a QB - you need to have a good sense of the field and everything that's happening around you.
My take:
On Henne's pick 6, he didn't show much in the way of awareness.  The team had run the same play several times - slant to Bess on the left - and Henne made a choice to look at other receivers before turning to Bess.  But the db (Weddle) was simply watching Henne's eyes and "jumped the route" that Bess was running.  Henne should have been aware of his own tendency, or, more to the point, been aware of what the db was doing.
And then there's the play where he crossed the line of scrimmage.   In the pictures above, you can see where the line of scrimmage is, where Henne pump fakes (behind the line), and where he throws it (what, 4 yards downfield?).  There's the dbs reaction - he clearly was aware of where *he* was on the field.  And there's Henne getting some coaching from his position coach - here's to hoping it helps.
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