Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tweet this

This morning Israel Gutierrez published an opinion piece in the Herald about the decision to not allow fans to tweet from the stands. He makes the point that "real" reporters check their facts and follow the team rules about not divulging too much.

And offhandedly he dissed those of us who write about the phins in our not-paid-as-reporters way.

A couple of thoughts come to mind:

(a) after the April fools joke our buddy Brian played (the JT story) on reporters on a national scale, it's hard to imagine them actually checking facts.

(2) who cares what a bunch of tweeters say? If they were to be at a practice and see Joey Porter line up at running back and reported on it - what would that mean? Was it a bogus report? The dolphins were toying with us? Or that other teams should look out?

The reality is that it should force teams to think about their strategy and use Twittering fans to their advantage. We can remember what we saw, write it down, tell someone in a phone conversation, or photograph it. What's the difference?

And if another team wants to parse thousands of (potentially bogus) Twitter entries then I say let them.

(iii) and to my friend at the herald - I know we're a threat to you but why be antagonistic? There are better ways to handle your relationship with us. We're all just reporting about the phins.
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