Friday, August 14, 2009

love this quote

Sparano was asked how long it took Cobbs to reach this level of confidence with the coaches
"Oh, I mean, it took a little bit of time last year for that to happen. You know, because I really, you know, I had experience with him only in the fact that he went to school in Texas, and I knew, again, he was a legend down there for god's sakes. But, you know, I knew what he did in college and when he came here. You know, you have Ronnie, you have Ricky, you are not sure where this guy fits in. And, slow and steady he shows you everyday out here that he warrants having a role, and little by little, you start to give him more crumbs every single day, and you figure out he can handle a little bit more of this, a little bit more of that, you know, before you know it, you got a big old pie out there."
You've got a big old pie out there.
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