Monday, August 24, 2009

In the press box

At this week's game, the had a visit by the guy who heads up the SuperBowl Host Committee.
Now let me start by saying the SuperBowl is a fine event, and brings a lot of money into the local economy and we're glad to have it.
But....(you knew there was a but)....
He was urging people to visit the website and sign up as volunteers to help make the SuperBowl a success.  There was some rhetoric about how its the volunteers that really make the operation work.
And I have a problem with that.  See, the SuperBowl generates hundreds of millions of dollars (I suppose its possible that a billion dollars changes hands through all the work that's done).  Yet, they are looking for people to work FOR FREE for them.  In other words, the NFL makes money, the city makes money, and various entities make of your labor.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't volunteer, because there are certain aspects that can be fun.  Just know what you're getting into - helping someone else get rich. Be sure you're getting something in return, if only the fun of being at the stadium or around town to watch people.
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