Saturday, August 29, 2009

The blocked punt

Okay, in this sequence, we see what should have been a positive plan turn into something negative.
Patrick Cobbs got into the backfield and got a piece of the ball, thus getting credit for the block.
The ball goes straight up into the air and Charlie Anderson (middle of the pack in the second pic) sees it and floats back to grab it.
He's a linebacker, so catching a punt is not his forte.  He sticks his arms out, but momentarily looks at the guy right in front of him....and drops it.
Its on the ground for a moment, but Tampa recovers and gets a first down.
Why is it a first?  Because the ball crossed the line of scrimmage (blue line) and was touched by a Miami player.  Think the Leon Lett play in the Thanksgiving day game a decade or so ago.
Had Anderson let it bounce, it would have been Miami's ball.  Or if the punt had bounced a yard to the right, it would have been Miami's ball.
Some night they had.
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