Thursday, August 20, 2009

At the stadium

They have an announcement on the scoreboards before the start of the game that talks about behaviors that will get you ejected from the game (like, using profanity, sitting in the wrong seat, not complying with stadium personnel, etc)...the list goes on for a while and I turned to my friend and said "also, if you fail to spend $50 in concessions, or if you don't take the offer for an upsell on your order, you will be ejected and subject to a fine of $100."
That was a running joke throughout the night.  And at one point, a policeman came up into our section as though he was looking for someone.  I turned to my friend and said "quick, pull out all your receipts.  He's looking for someone he heard about in this section who hasn't made the concession donation."
Anyway, I forgot about the comment until this morning when I found something in the pocket of the pants I wore the other night.  They had photographers running around taking pictures of fans in the stands, and they gave you a card to retrieve the photos a website later.  I found the card.
So, I went over to the website, and its (naturally) a picture that is for sale.  For only $13.99 you can get your 5x7 picture from LandShark Stadium printed, and mailed to you for a nominal additional fee.
Some fan amenity that Mr. Ross has created there, isn't it? 
And speaking of that, I went to a Marlins game on Sunday and parked literally by the entrance for $10.  I went back on Monday and had to go to a further away lot, and was charged $25 for parking in the same facility.  How absurd.
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