Sunday, July 19, 2009

I stand slightly corrected

About the Marlins ballpark.
It will, in fact, have a "plaza," on four acres of land on the west side of the ballpark.  'It will be open year round and will be the largest of any stadium in the history of the United States....I envision a fountain with an area for people to congregate during lunch, after lunch, during work, after work. It will be the signature park of Miami, with some sort of outdoor exhibit areas. I hope when we open the ballpark, it will be completed.' [partly paraphrased]
So says team president Ralph Sampson.
But....just remember that what he "envisions" and what will be delivered are probably different.
Also, his last comment that he *hopes* it will be open when the ballpark is seems telling - or is it that you hope everyone is so thrilled with the ballpark they'll forget about it?
I'm still trying to figure out who might use it during the day - or at lunch - since its pretty far away from downtown, and there isn't much industry in the immediate area.
But at least he bothered to mention a park around it.
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