Saturday, July 04, 2009

Being a celebrity has its moments

And no this entry is not about me. LOL

The NFL held its annual rookie symposium this week, where players were
brought in and reminded that big changes are coming in their lives.
Lots of information about how they're always in the spotlight, how
they should comport themselves, and now they're going to have money,
and people are going to try and take it from them.

If you have questions, just ask any one of a number of former players
who are broke. Or you could just ask JT. A couple of years ago, he
and a couple of other guys invested some money into an island. The
plan was to buy it and make it into a retreat or golf resort or
something. Only the "owner" was never able to come up with a deed for
the property, and the group had to sue to get their money back.

They won, and may see the money - if the guy has any left.

So here's a guy who's been in the league for a dozen years and he
invests a small (to him!) amount, and it apparently was a bad deal
with someone out to take his money.

Rookies beware.

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