Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chad Henne

Apparently, Henne got a chance to run the 1st team offense yesterday because the other Chad was out of town at a wedding.
And here's the thing.  He should *always* be running the first team offense, and Pennington should be #2. 
I know many of you will disagree with me: Pennington's the team leader, the MVP, the veteran, and younger guys should be allowed to grow.
But that's just wrong.  Pennington is now a 1-year guy, just like every QB during Wanny's last years, Saban, and Cameron.  They all had a guy to be a journeyman to run the offense for a year and make it tick.
Its time for Henne to step up and be *the* guy going forward.  And time for Pennington to sit down and maybe - if he's game - keep mentoring Henne and still be effective as a leader of sorts.
Let's look at this another way.  What if Pennington falters early in the season?  Then Henne can step in, and get some valuable experience.  What if Pennington falters late in the season?  Then, Henne steps in to a difficult situation - with mininmal prep - and maybe leads the team to some success, but still learns some.
Now what if Henne starts and falters early?  Then maybe he goes out for a game, but generally he struggles through it and learns.  And if not, then its time to look for another QB.  And what if he falters late in the season?  Then he's shown he has some of the goods because he made it part of the way, and needs to grow more.
Now let's say that the Phins make a playoff run with Pennington, and he's good enough to be the MVP again.  What then?  He's not under contract for next year.  Does Miami move on?  And what of Henne?
In any case, this should be Henne's job to lose. 
Last year, he wound up playing in two games.  In one, he handed off.  In the other he went 7/10 for 60 or so yards.  And those were both early in the season.  Not much to go on there.
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

It shouldn't be any QB's job to lose. It should be a competition and the best QB for the Dolphins should be the starter.